About B2B sales sector:

While consumer goods ads may be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of sales, it is the B2B sector that makes the world go round. Forrester estimates that in the US alone, the total size of B2B sales exceeded $9 trillion in 2018, with B2B e-commerce accounting for $1.1 trillion. While B2B transactions can be small, they can stretch to billions of dollars. At the same time, the sales cycle tends to be far longer and complex, involving multiple stakeholders, and, on average, far more educated buyers. According to ​Demand Gen​research, almost 50% of B2B buyers consume three to five product-related content pieces before engaging with a sales rep–and when they do so, they usually expect a specialist answer to their question.

Challenges in the sector:

B2B buyers’ high expectations often put a strain on sales representatives and key account managers, who need to demonstrate outstanding knowledge of their products and explain how they will solve clients’ specific problems. B2B sales managers usually handle a large number of accounts and frequently lack the time to adequately prepare for client meetings and customise their offer to meet the individual needs of sales prospects. As a result, they often miss critical trends, industry updates, or insights into client behaviour and preferences that they could use to prepare more successful proposals. They also don’t have the time to properly investigate which of their new products could be of most interest to their clients.

Our solution:

Built on deep neural networks (Deep Learning), our solution helps to increase the volume of B2B sales at your company. It does so by consolidating and continuously analysing data on your clients and their purchases–and then uses these insights to create custom recommendations for each member of your sales team. Our solution equips your representatives with the intelligence they need to better prepare for each meeting or proposal. With custom recommendations on which elements of your product portfolio could interest which client, your business will soon start maximising sales volumes.

Our approach
Trustworthy recommendations

Winning your sales team’s trust is our ultimate goal, so our solution is geared towards equipping them with recommendations they can truly rely on.

Reliable and FAST

In sales, time is of the essence. Apart from trustworthiness, another essential feature of our recommendations is the speed with which they are generated.

Based on multiple sources of data

In addition to data on your client and their purchases, our solution also uses historical data from your industry and corresponding markets–providing you with additional intelligence.